Meal Planning

Healthy Meal Plans

If it's dinner time and if you're asking "What's for dinner?" you can make your life a bit easier. Planning meals ahead of time saves you time and money, reduces stress, and chances are your meals will be healthier. Having a plan can help you achieve your weight loss goals because it will help you stay on track.

We have provided 3-day meal plans specific for weight loss for three different calorie levels: 1200, 1500, and 1800 calories, to help you answer questions like these: 

  • What food should I eat?
  •  How much should I eat?
  •  How often should I eat?

These meal plans can be used as guide or followed as written. We’ve even included some of our recipes to help you out in the kitchen! 

Taking some time every week to plan your meals and make out your grocery list will assure that you have all the ingredients and foods on hand. You won't be wandering up and down every aisle trying to figure out what you need. You won't be throwing stuff in the cart that adds to your grocery bill. You won't be standing in front of the freezer at the last minute thinking about thawing something out.

Be sure to discuss with your doctor or dietitian which calorie level is best for you.



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