Healthy Lifestyle

Making the decision to have the ORBERA® System procedure means you must be ready to make the lifestyle changes necessary to be successful with your long-term weight loss goals. Your ORBERA® balloon is a powerful tool but it requires hard work on your part to make it a success.

Planning + Practice = Success

Life goes on around you. You still have a family and friends. You will still be eating occasional meals away from home. You will need to build new skills to handle the challenges that come your way. It all starts with building a good foundation of new eating habits at home. Keeping a food journal is the best place to start you on the road to awareness and planning.

Taking the time to take care of yourself will help you establish that solid foundation of healthy lifestyle habits. You are worth it!

ORBERA Coach has resources to help you get started on that solid foundation.

  • Keeping a Food Journal   
  • Snacking
  • Weight loss and plateaus
  • Tips for meals away from home
  • Feeding your family
  • Physical activity

Be sure to discuss any lifestyle changes with your doctor or dietitian. 




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